First Choice Blinds | Pleated Blinds
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Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds 3First Choice pleated window blinds are the unique solution for any window covering you need.Its sleek design, narrow in width and height – does not cover much glass or frame from your windows and doors.

With a depth of only one inch, it fits into every application-, blends in perfectly and is almost invisible when open.

Our pleated systems are available in bottom-up / top- down operation; freely adjustable in every window or door.No strings will hang on the glass and distract your view to the outside.

You can choose from over 400 different fabrics, colours and designs to find your personal and perfect match for the interior of your home.

Find the perfect black out fabric for your entertainment room or bedroom; translucent for privacy and light for your dining room and living room; and transparent to dress your kitchen and office…

First Choice Pleated Blinds are also available for large openings as top down with an endless chain or motorized, triangle, trapezoid and arched/ round.A custom solution lets you also dress your skylights and is therefore perfect for garden houses and sun rooms.