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Blinds/Roman blinds/Fabric blinds/Blinds
Blinds/Roman blinds/Fabric blinds/Blinds
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Blinds/ Roman Blinds

Blinds/Roman blinds/Fabric blinds/Blinds

18 Jul Blinds/ Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds From First Choice Blinds

A roman blind is actually more of a curtain, because it is made from soft, un-stiffened materials.
Most roman blinds are lined with another soft cloth to give depth and weight to the product.

First Choice Blinds roman blinds, are ‘locked-off’ by an integrated venetian blind cord locking mechanism.

Others have an ‘endless chain’ loop, much like a roller blind.

This mechanim gives the smoothest operation.

First Choice Blinds Roman blinds can be drawn up or down, and can be locked-off at any intermediate position.


  • Blinds give total privacy when fitted to standard recessed windows.
  • Excellent glare reduction is achieved just by using the standard ecru lining.
  • 80% blackout effect can be achieved by using the blackout lining.
  • Gives a soft curtain feel, but has the sleek operation mechanisms which eliminates the need for ‘tie-off cleats’
  • Most fabrics can be either dry cleaned or machine washed.
So call today 01-4416366 or visit www.firstchoiceblinds.ie


  • Standard lining
    • A translucent lining that adds a heavier feel to the fabric.
  • Blackout Lining
    • A blackout lining is opaque and won’t let any light through the fabric
  • Coloured Lining
    • A coloured lining can be chosen to compliment the main fabric, or to affect the look of the blind from the outside of the house.
  • Venetian Blind Headrail
    • A heavy duty Headrail that allows the blind to be made bigger
  • Modern Roman Blind Headrail
    • A heavy duty Headrail which incorporates a side chain for the raising/lowering of the blind.
    • Note: this Headrail will create a gap of approx 10mm on the control side of the blind, since the control cannot be covered with fabric.
  • Blinds can be made from customer’s own fabrics and linings.
  • www.firstchoiceblinds.ie or call 01-4416366

  • The pull cord can be mounted to the right or left, and must be specified on order, since it cannot be changed after manufacture.


  • There are maximum and minimum sizes to observe for every different roman blind product.
  • Please check the specification for the product you are interested in.
  • The height of two blinds made to the same size may not necessarily sit at exactly the same level as each other, because they are made from soft cloth.
  • Some adjustment in the height is possible by removing the fabric from the Headrail, and re-positioning it on the Velcro fixing of the Headrail.
  • A roman blind is actually more of a curtain than a blind, and will act accordingly.
  • Fabric may stretch and change shape over long periods of being left in the same position.
  • The wider the blind is, the more cords are needed to raise/lower the blind.
  • This can make the operation of larger blinds more difficult to level off.
  • www.firstchoiceblinds.ie or call 01-4416366

  • Bay Windows
    • Roman Blinds are very suitable for bay windows.
    • Bedroom
      • A standard lining is good enough for a dim out effect; alternatively, a blackout lining doesn’t allow any light through the blind.
      • Please note: A 100% total blackout cannot be achieved since there will be light passing in around the edge of the blind/recess. Also, there will be light gaps between blinds on bay windows.
    • Lounge
    • Study
    • Conservatory
      • Usually fitted to the Pvc frame of the conservatory.  It is expected that the fabric may slightly touch the opening window handles when raising/lowering the blind.
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
      • Not suitable where the blind is expected to get wet, or for excessively steamy rooms where there is no extractor fan
    • Dining Room
    • Sliding Patio Doors
      • Not ideal where head height is restricted, because a roman blind usually stacks up to a minimum of 160mm.
      • If you would like to fit a blind to a patio door, then it’s recommended that you allow an extra 160mm minimum above the door, and fit it there.
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