Roller Blinds From First Choice Blinds*

  • Metal / plastic chains for operation
  • Wide selection of patterns & colours
  • Variety of trim options are available (including Luxaflex “no sew” finish)
  • Different roll widths
  • Large diameter tubes available
  • Flame retardant fabrics
  • Fabrics with reflective backing
  • Screen fabrics (architects favourite, used in most contract school projects today)
  • Blackout blinds (available in a number of different colours, system comes with head box and side channels to form a total light block.)


Venetian Blinds (Wood) From First Choice Blinds

Wood is a natural insulator and can reduce heat loss through windows by as much as 50%. Recent research from The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust claim wood blinds could be just as effective in conserving heat as double glazing and can have dramatic effects on the amount of heat being lost from your home.

5 diverse and beautifully crafted collections from Sunwood™; Essential, Gloss, Soft Grain, Perfect Grain & Contour.

We also offer the Faux wood blinds or call 01-4416366


Venetian Blinds (Aluminium)*From First Choice Blinds

Exellent  structural form, the sleek minimal lines  represents today’s modern chic.

Available in a range of 77 colours, this extensive collection offers broad possibilities for creating style and atmosphere of any kind.

The success of First Choice Blinds has been built not only on the quality manufacture of the blind but also through the vast array of finish effects.

Choose from gloss, primary colours, futuristic metallic sheens and grained wood effect finishes. or call 01-4416366


Vertical & Panel Blinds(Fabric & Rigid Pvc)*From First Choice Blinds

First Choice Blinds vertical collection enhances the vertical blind.

Vivid colour ways, luxurious yarns and captivating designs combine to offer a vertical collection, synonymous to none, a bold, new trend in vertical window treatments. New and exclusive to AFT are the Vertical Blind Panels.

The “Pure & Natural” collection is a fresh new look built on contemporary designs.

These products can be applied to gable end shaped windows also.


Velux Blinds* (Manual, Electric, Motorised & Solar Powered) From First Choice Blinds

  • Blackout available in 40 colours  and three operation methods.
  • Non blackout available in 37 colours and three operation methods.
  • Awning blinds for effective heat protection; stops the sun before it reaches the glass. Easily installed from the inside of the window.
  • Choose from three colours with different levels of transparency and three methods of operation.





Motorisation From First Choice Blinds

Epitomising comfort, control and style, motorisation technology for window blinds provide the ideal solution for high tech living, those hard to reach places or for the ultimate in child safety.

A superior range of motors are available for all applications.

Simple battery operated through to complex, high quality, quiet drive, multi-channel systems are available.



Our competent expert installers can install the finished product at a time that suits your business needs, be it weekday, weekend, day or evening, and rest assured “the hoover follows the drill” so you wouldn’t even know we were there!


Child Safety

In line with legislation, we have carefully considered each blind on an individual basis, to ensure child safety is an essential feature.

Covering all or Dublin and surrounding areas like

Northside, covering local government area
Dublin 1 (D1) Dublin
Dublin 3 (D3) Dublin
Dublin 5 (D5) Dublin
Dublin 7 (D7) Dublin
Dublin 9 (D9) Dublin
Dublin 11 (D11) Dublin, Fingal
Dublin 13 (D13) Dublin, Fingal
Dublin 15 (D15) Fingal
Dublin 17 (D17) Dublin, Fingal
Southside, covering local government area
Dublin 2 (D2) Dublin
Dublin 4 (D4) Dublin, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown
Dublin 6 (D6) Dublin, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown
Dublin 6W (D6W) Dublin, South Dublin
Dublin 8 (D8) Dublin
Dublin 10 (D10) Dublin
Dublin 12 (D12) Dublin
Dublin 14 (D14) Dublin, Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown, South Dublin
Dublin 16 (D16) Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown, South Dublin
Dublin 18 (D18) Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown
Dublin 20 (D20) Dublin, South Dublin
Dublin 22 (D22) South Dublin
Dublin 24 (D24) South Dublin