| pleated blinds/Top up bottom down blinds/Privicy blinds/Blinds
pleated blinds/Top up bottom down blinds/Privicy blinds/Blinds
pleated blinds/Top up bottom down blinds/Privicy blinds/Blinds
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Bottom Up Top Down Pleated Blinds

pleated blinds/Top up bottom down blinds/Privicy blinds/Blinds

29 Jan Bottom Up Top Down Pleated Blinds


First Choice Blinds Top-down, bottom-up Pleated blinds. They give you the flexibility to protect your privacy while making the most of the light.

If your windows are overlooked you can position your blind in the bottom half of your window, leaving the top section free for lots of lovely sunlight.

And because our Pleated blind fabrics are so light and delicate, you’ll still get a gorgeous glow filtering through the bottom section of your blind.

These blinds are really easy to operate using tabs. There are no cords or chains, so they’re ideal for children’s rooms or for any room where you want a clutter-free finish.

Choose from a range of performance fabrics to suit different spaces. Sheer fabrics will maximise the light in a dark room, while a reflective fabric will reduce the sun’s glare in a very bright room.

For a great night’s sleep, go for a blackout fabric. And for a contemporary twist, choose a different coloured fabric for the top and bottom sections of your blind.

                                                                                Made-to-measure for your windows

Best of all, your top-down, bottom-up Pleated blinds will be made-to-measure for your windows, whether you’ve selected a single blind for a simple bedroom window or lots of blinds for a whole conservatory. Your advisor will measure your windows exactly and then return to fit your blinds just where you want them.

                                                  Your in-home appointment

Choosing your blinds in your own home gives you the perfect opportunity to see how all the different colours and textures work with your own décor. Your advisor can offer lots of practical advice to help you get the most from your blinds, and even help you with design ideas if you feel you need some extra guidance.

               So Call Today 01-4416366

The top down/bottom up lift style comes standard, so you don’t have to pay extra.

The Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Pleated Shades combine the best of everything.
With this lift style, you can lower the shade from the top so you can let in beautiful natural light while keeping the bottom closed for increased privacy.
Not only do these shades have modern functionality, but they also look great.

Made up of 1-inch permanent pleats and available in 50 crisp colors, these pleated shades will perfectly integrate with any style.

First Choice Blinds Top Down Bottom Up Pleated Shades have a hidden bracket system, you’ll have an instant clean, streamlined look.

If you’re looking for shades that look great and require no major upkeep, these are it.
For more on this visit our site at www.firstchoiceblinds.ie or give us a call on 01-4416366.
To clean, just dust or use your vacuum’s soft brush attachment.
We cover all of Dublin including
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