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Cassette Blinds
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Cassette Blinds By First Choice Blinds

Cassette Blinds

12 May Cassette Blinds By First Choice Blinds

 Thermal Cassette Blackout Roller Blinds –That Block Out Light. www.firstchoiceblinds.ie

Blackout roller blinds are often used to prevent light from entering a room and darken the room in general.
In order to add blackout properties to the fabric, manufactures, add material that has additional layer added to it.
To a large extent, it is reasonably successful but it will not stop all the direct light from entering the room.
Light will still bleed through all sides of the fabric. Additional curtains are added to help solve the problem.
The head rail is made up of a box and it has a height of 60 mm at the front and a depth of 45 mm.
The blinds with side rails/ side channels/tracks/frames are 40 mm wide.
When the framed blackout blinds are completely down, no light can get through thereby making it a truly blackout blind leaving the room in complete darkness.
This blind can be stopped in any position anywhere down the window and it is a spring operated system, with the fabric running down two side rails or side channels which are fixed.
A seal system on the bottom operating handle contacts the window sill blocking the light from entering.
They blinds with side tracks can be pulled up or down by pressing the handle in towards the window or they can be chin operated.
They can be moved in the direction you wish the blind to go in.Check out our site www.firstchoiceblinds.ie

or give us a call on 01-4416366

They are a must for any child’s bedroom, bedroom, home entertainment gaming room, or school where keeping the light at bay is a main factor.
They block out light but at the same time have thermal energy saving properties.
They are a total blackout blind. The cassette blinds are cordless, so eliminating the possibility of choking on the cord and therefore is safe for children and vulnerable adults.
The frames and side rails are available in white, cream and silver. The side rails are made from aluminium.
First Choice Blinds installation instructions
Installation instructions for these total darkness blinds are to be found both on the website www.firstchoiceblinds.ie. NB If you are concerned about sticking the blocks to your wall, you can choose to screw the blocks through leaving the tab attached to the pad in place.
NB If you would like a wider selection of fabrics, you can choose from our regular roller range instead
. However this makes the production more expensive as they need to be sourced separately.
We also need to check that the fabric selected can fit into our cassette system.
If you need this help, contact us and we will work out a price manually. We would need your measurements as per the link below on-www.firstchoiceblinds.ie
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