| Fabric blinds/Blinds/Blinds/Roller blinds/Friction blinds/Holland blinds/motorised blinds
Fabric blinds/Blinds/Blinds/Roller blinds/Friction blinds/Holland blinds/motorised blinds
Fabric blinds/Blinds/Blinds/Roller blinds/Friction blinds/Holland blinds/motorised blinds
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Fabric Roller Blinds

Fabric blinds/Blinds/Blinds/Roller blinds/Friction blinds/Holland blinds/motorised blinds

07 Mar Fabric Roller Blinds

                                                 Fabric Roller Blinds: From First Choice Blinds

Choose from our stunning collection of over 250 sheer, blackout, plain, printed and woven fabrics. Delicate translucent fabrics provide a contemporary take on the conventional net curtains while the huge colour choice makes it easy to co-ordinate with existing or new schemes. Rollers are also available in blackout fabrics – perfect for children’s rooms or if you are a nightworker and need to sleep during the day.

Rollers are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update an interior. Warm up with rich, vibrant tones in autumn and winter and opt for blooming marvelous florals to reflect the change in seasons.

An exclusive range of prints designed specifically for dimensions is at the heart of the range. Modern bold florals, abstract patterns with a retro twist, cute and chic children’s designs and contemporary classics bring style and cheer to the practicality and uncluttered feel of roller blinds.

They can be purely functional where perhaps privacy, moisture or too much light is an issue, or used for their decorative qualities.

Add style to your blinds with our wide selection of roller blinds, blackout roller blinds and thermal blinds that will perfectly suit your decor and perhaps all the rooms in your house. From classic fabrics to modern designs you will find our roller blinds to be stylish as well as elegant thus enhancing the overall look of your house or office.

Roller blinds are suggested to be sleek and chic. They add aesthetic value to your home. We understand how these roller blinds may change the look of your home. Therefore, we provide a vast selection of colours and design patterns. Our roller blinds are one of the most unique and versatile blinds in all of Dublin. From blackout roller blinds to plain or pattern blinds, they not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house but can also provide you with adequate privacy that you may require.

Our unique range of roller blinds and blackout roller blinds will add style to your window blinds in Dublin and come in many different colours and fabrics. They comprise simple classic designs as well as bold statement fabrics to suit your individual preferences and unique style of your house. You can also customise your roller blinds in any way you want with poles, pulls and braiding, to make them look as simple or fashionable as you want them to be.

                Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised blinds from First Choice Blinds are a fresh innovation that offer luxury and convenience for an affordable price. Despite being a huge move forward in the world of window furnishings, motorised blinds are actually incredibly quick and easy to setup and do not require an electrician. An added bonus for family homes is that they are completely child safe as they do not need cords of any kind.

You need never have to get up from your chair again to open or close your blinds thanks to this new intuitive device; motorised blinds let you filter how much daylight enters your home and maintains your privacy, all with one push of a button.

These blinds are available on any product up to 150cm x 150cm (2.25m²) and are powered by Yewdale, which is operated by a battery powered remote control, making it easier than ever before to open and close your blinds. Thanks to the power of technology, you have the ability to configure up to five different blinds on the same remote, removing the hassle of individual remotes for separate windows.

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