| Home motorised blinds/Electric blinds/Remote blinds/Blinds/Battery blinds
Home motorised blinds/Electric blinds/Remote blinds/Blinds/Battery blinds
Home motorised blinds/Electric blinds/Remote blinds/Blinds/Battery blinds
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Home Motorised Blinds

Home motorised blinds/Electric blinds/Remote blinds/Blinds/Battery blinds

05 Jul Home Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds By First Choice Blinds

high quality BlindsAutomation from First Choice Blinds has now become very affordable. With a vast range of electric and battery operated  blinds you can achieve a modern edge with timeless style. Make your home work for you at the touch of a button. Cut out light and sound.
All our controls are simple and intuitive so that everyone can make use of this technology. Our expert fitters programme your system to suit your needs .Choose from a simple remote control that lets you control your blinds individually or in groups to twilight trackers which will close curtains and blinds all year round at twilight. Your always at home even when your away !
Our rechargable battery operated moterised blinds are so affordable now and are a perfect solution for many homes .

Some great ways to control your  blinds

    • Wall mounted switch
    • Remote control (radio control or infrared)
    • Link to your home management system
    • bedroom-gray-blackout-blindTouch motion (simply touch curtain gently and it will open or close)
    • Phone apps for some motorised curtain rails and blinds
Enjoy automation with our fantastic range of motorised curtain rails, moterised roller, roman, venetian, wood or roof blinds. These products will be of particular benefit to:

  • People who are concerned about home security
  • People with reduced mobility
  • Those looking to integrate with home management systems.
  • Those looking for affordable moterised  solutions

We represent clients who rightly expect the very best in terms of quality, design, technology, service & individuality.

We will give you the best advice and give you the confidence to design and complete your project with the backup of our design and installation team at your service.
Our moterised rails and blinds are available from many price points and are surprisingly affordable.

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