| Home motorised blinds/Blinds/Remote blinds/Electric blinds/Battery blinds/Motorised blinds/Smart blinds/Dublin blinds
Home motorised blinds/Blinds/Remote blinds/Electric blinds/Battery blinds/Motorised blinds/Smart blinds/Dublin blinds
Home motorised blinds/Blinds/Remote blinds/Electric blinds/Battery blinds/Motorised blinds/Smart blinds/Dublin blinds
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Home motorised blinds

Home motorised blinds/Blinds/Remote blinds/Electric blinds/Battery blinds/Motorised blinds/Smart blinds/Dublin blinds

25 May Home motorised blinds

                                             Motorised Blinds By First Choice Blinds

high quality Blinds in South DublinMotorized blinds and shades are a convenient option for any homeowner. Imagine not having to get out of bed to shut out the sun when you want to snooze on a Saturday!

Still, you might be wondering just what makes those motorized batteries work — besides pure magic, of course. There are actually a number of effective options for powering motorized blinds. Let’s take a look at just what they are and the pros and cons of each type so that you can find the perfect power source for your needs.

                                                                      Battery Powered

high quality Blinds in South DublinBattery powered motorized blinds are the simplest option. Rather than being connected to a string, motorized blinds have a tube installed up top that lifts the shade up. The battery fits above that and connects to a motor for power. If you’re concerned about the look of your motorized blinds, batteries are the most elegant option, as their placement makes them unnoticeable. They are also easy to install and won’t take up outlet space. Batteries are an especially convenient option for windows that are in hard-to-reach or far away spaces that aren’t close to an outlet or where a wire wouldn’t be advisable (as in a wet area like a bathroom).

Simple AA batteries can do the trick, though they’ll have to be replaced relatively frequently. Lithium batteries have a significantly longer life. Still, there’s no doubt that the biggest downside when it comes to powering motorized blinds with batteries is replacing them.

At First Choice Blinds we also offer a rechargeable option.


If replacing batteries sounds like a drag, then hardwiring your motorized blinds is the option for you. There are a number of different kinds of motors that can operate using different voltages, and of course, they must be able to reach a wall outlet. This is generally a less expensive option than batteries in terms of how much you’ll pay in energy costs.

The installation on some of these units isn’t as easy as you’ll need an electrician to do the job for you, but it is well worth the investment. Other units are easier to install on your own. You’ll most likely need an electrician if you’d like to operate your blinds from a power distribution panel, which centralizes power control and distributes it to multiple blinds throughout your house.

For more on this call First Choice Blinds on 01-4416366

                                 Solar Powered

The nice thing about blinds and shades is that they’re actually right next to a natural power source: sunlight. All you’ll need to go this route is a solar panel system, which you’ll mount behind the shade facing outwards to catch sunlight. The unit then connects to the motor in the same way as battery powered and hardwired options.

Of course, not all windows receive an equal amount of sunlight, so solar powered motorized blinds may be more effective in southern or westward facing rooms that receive a lot of light. You’ll also want to make sure the windows you choose for solar powered blinds aren’t covered by awnings, roof overhangs, or trees.

First Choice Blinds cover all of Dublin and surrounding areas.

                            DC Power Adaptor

Motorized blinds and shades powered by a DC power adaptor are another convenient and relatively energy efficient option. As with hardwired blinds, the DC power adaptor will plug into an outlet. This means that you’ll never need to replace it as you would with batteries. Unlike hardwired blinds, the installation with a DC power adaptor is next to nothing. There’s no additional wiring: you’ll just hang your blinds, plug in your power, and then you’ll be good to go. The only downside here is that you may find the wires unsightly. Also, you’ll need to stick close to a powersource.

While there are many different ways to power your blinds, whatever you choose should suit your personal lifestyle and decorating choices. Before you know it, you’ll be kicking back on the couch and adjusting those blinds to block out the blinding sun.


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