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Hospital blinds
Hospital blinds
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Hospitl blinds for lazer rooms

07 Jan Hospitl blinds for lazer rooms

Benefits Of First Choice Blinds Laser Blinds

Available on a full range of  roller blind systems to ensure there is a solution to virtually all laser blocking requirements.

All blinds are made to measure

. Recommended systems are detailed below: R20; R20C; R40; R55; VPF; C74; C75.


Laser fabric available in blue or black; Suitable for chain, crank, and electric operation; Suitable for vision panel flaps.


First Choice Blinds Laser Material products for protection from stray laser radiation for more info call 01-4416366.

Flame retardant and certified in accordance with ANSI Z136.1-2007, D AB7 + R AB3: 180-315, D AB5: 315-1050, D AB4: >1050-1400, I AB7 + R AB6: 315-1400, D AB2 >1400-11000, PF CE, Z136.7-2008,
EN 12254: 2010 and NFPA-701: 2010 TM2 standards. Black satin finish. Laser-rated at 250W/cm² for 100 seconds

For more info go to First Choice Blinds www.firstchoiceblinds.ie or call 01-4416366

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