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Cleaning Window Blinds
Cleaning Window Blinds
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How To Clean Window Blinds

29 Sep How To Clean Window Blinds

Blinds are a great window treatment that helps a room look and feel amazing.

Whatever type of blinds you’ve chosen for your home, chances are that they will eventually begin to look dingy and dirty.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent blinds from ever looking that way.

Regular dusting is one of the most simple maintenance tasks you can do to keep your blinds looking great.

Spot cleaning works well for those times when just a little extra cleaning is required.

Deep cleaning blinds requires a little more effort, but is a seasonal chore that only needs to be done a few times a year.

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Dusting BlindsFrom First Choice Blinds


If you have blinds, then your number one enemy is dust.

No matter what type of blinds you have, they will attract dust.

One of the easiest ways to care for blinds is to regularly dust them.

A nice lambswool duster, or a microfiber cleaning cloth are some of the best dusting tools needed to give blinds a quick wipe down during your regular weekly cleaning routine.

For some homes dusting twice a month is all that is needed.

Start dusting from the top to the bottom with the blinds turned to one side.

For blinds with slats, dust across rather than up and down.

Repeat with the blinds turned to the other side. Be sure to wipe down the window sills after you finish dusting the blinds.

Vacuuming Blinds

A vacuum cleaner can be a great tool to use for cleaning dust from blinds.

Since the dust goes directly into the vacuum cleaner, this a good option for those who suffer from allergies or have respiratory reactions to dust.

Be sure to use a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.

Be careful about vacuuming in an upward motion. This has a tendency to tangle or damage some types of blinds.

Instead vacuum down and to the sides working across the slats of the blinds on one side, before turning the blinds and repeating on the other side.

Using a vacuum cleaner works better for heavier slatted blinds than for thinner blinds that can easily become bent or broken.

Spot Cleaning Blinds

Sometimes your blinds will need more than a gentle dust down. When spots or smudges start to appear on your blinds, you don’t need to automatically jump into deep cleaning mode.

Sometimes all that is needed is a little spot cleaning.

Spray all purpose cleaner on a microfiber cleaning cloth and spot clean the slats of the blinds as needed.

For wood blinds, make sure not to allow a lot of excess water to sit on the blinds.  The cloth only needs to be damp.

Deep Cleaning Metal and Vinyl Blinds

For metal and vinyl blinds, deep cleaning means taking the blinds down. One of the simplest methods is to take them outside to a patio or the driveway.

Lay the blinds out on top of a large rug, carpet remnant, or set of old towels.

Mix a bucket of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Use a long handled brush to gently rub the blinds from side to side across the slats.

Turn the blinds over and repeat the process. Rinse the blinds thoroughly with an outdoor hose.

To prevent spots from forming on the slats, use an old towel and gently wipe the excess water off of each slat.

You can drape the cleaned blinds across a piece of patio furniture, the fence, or on a couch to finish fully driving.

Deep Cleaning Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

To deep clean wood blinds, it’s actually best to leave them hanging.  Wood blinds can be damaged by excess water.

Instead create a spray bottle with a and a few drops of mild dish soap. Spray a microfiber cleaning cloth until damp.

Gently wipe across each slat starting at the top

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