| Pleated blinds by First Choice Blinds
Pleated blinds by First Choice Blinds
Pleated blinds by First Choice Blinds
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Pleated blinds by First Choice Blinds

18 Nov Pleated blinds by First Choice Blinds

Blinds for Conservatory FAQ

At First Choice Blinds we  get quite a few questions about conservatory blinds, so I thought it would be helpful to put together a little Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) page.

If there are any more questions you’d like added to the FAQ, then please leave a quick comment below.

Can I fit conservatory blinds myself?

When buying blinds for conservatory the vast majority don’t require specialist equipment or knowledge to fit.

However, before you buy your blinds you should always make sure you know which kind of fitting they use because not all will fit your conservatory.

Different kinds of blinds are also more complicated fit than others.

At First Choice Blinds all our fitters are fully qualafied and insured


Which blinds have the most character?

Everyone wants their conservatory to look great and have a lot of character.

Often though you have to decide whether you want to have the most stylish blinds or the ones that are easy to maintain.

For example pinoleum blinds are quite difficult to clean but have a lot of character and will really add to your interior decor.

In general, if you want more character from your conservatory blinds then you should go for ones that have some sort of pattern and texture to them.

Which blinds provide the most privacy?

Making sure your conservatory private is an important factor you must take into account when buying conservatory blinds.

One option is to go for blinds which automatically close at certain times of the day so that even if your away it will appear as if someone is inside.

While this might sound like an unnecessary precaution if you’re going away for a long period of time it can be extremely useful.

Which type of conservatory blind provides the most protection from the sun?

First Choice Blinds Pleated blinds generally provide good protection from the sun and reduce the amount of glare coming into the conservatory.

However, roller blinds can be coated with aluminium on the outside making them probably the most effective for reflecting sunlight and reducing the temperature of your conservatory.

While getting the right window blinds for reflecting sunlight is important the conservatory roof blinds will probably have to work harder so make sure you buy roof blinds that have a high level of reflectivity.

Which are the best conservatory blinds by First Choice Blinds?

There is no simple answer to this as you need to make sure you choose the right blinds for your own conservatory.

However for the average person pleated blinds probably strike the right balance between being functional while the same time stylish.

However it’s usually a good idea to go and view various types of blinds to make the right decision for your conservatory.

Guide to Buying Conservatories Blinds

When buying conservatories blinds there are four different considerations that you need to take into account before making your decision.

This article will give you an overview of these four things that apply to both window and conservatory roof blinds.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere – the main reason for buying conservatories blinds is that they can help reduce the large temperature fluctuations that go along with having a conservatory.

The last thing you want is to not be able to use your conservatory during the summer months because it is heated to an uncomfortably high temperature and has turned into a mini greenhouse attached to your home.

Visit our site www.firstchoiceblinds.ie for more info.

For this reason you need to make sure that the conservatory blind you buy uses solar reflective fabrics that will not only keep your conservatory cool when the weather is hot but will also keep the heat in during the winter.

Creating a stylish atmosphere – once you’ve decided on the right blind to make sure your conservatory is comfortable to you next need to make sure that you get a style that looks good.

There is no right or wrong blind to buy when it comes to style because you can get pleated blinds that look good in some conservatories and Roman blinds to look good in others.

For example, if you buy pleated conservatory blinds they come in hundreds of different styles and colours so you’ll usually be able to find one that matches your conservatory.

Ease of installation and use – while most conservatory blinds are relatively easy to put up you also need to make sure that they are convenient to use on an everyday basis. One of the best ways of making sure that your blinds are easy-to-use is to install a remote system. You also need to think about little things such as whether you’ll be able to use your windowsill with a certain type of blind.

Privacy – if you want to make sure that your conservatory is as private as possible then buying conservatory blinds is a great way of doing so.

Make sure you choose blinds that are opaque from the outside so that if you want privacy you know you have it.

When buying any sort of blind – whether it’s roller blinds or pinoleum blinds – you must take the above details into account.

In general buying blinds for your conservatory isn’t cheap so you need to make sure that you get the decision right the first time around and avoid having to pay more money in the future

So we hope this was helpful for more info give us a call on 01-4416366 or visit our site www.firstchoiceblinds.ie

First Choice Blinds are based in Dublin 12 covering all of Leinster.

We cover all of Dublin including Tallaght,Terenure,Walkinstown,Perrystown,Dundrum,Blessington,Ballinteer,Ballyboden,Blackrock,Churchtown,Crumlin,Donnybrook,Dun Laoghaire,Firhouse,Foxrock,Goatstown,Jobstown,Kilmacud,Killiney,Kimmage,Knocklyon,Leopardstown,Lucan,Milltown,Ranelagh,Rathcoole,Rathmines,Rialto,Saggart,Sallynoggin,Sandymount,Stillorgan,Covering all of Dublin based in Ballymount.

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