| venetian blinds/Wood blinds/Faux blinds/pvc blinds/blinds
venetian blinds/Wood blinds/Faux blinds/pvc blinds/blinds
venetian blinds/Wood blinds/Faux blinds/pvc blinds/blinds
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Venetian Blinds By First Choice Blinds

venetian blinds/Wood blinds/Faux blinds/pvc blinds/blinds

05 Jan Venetian Blinds By First Choice Blinds


Combining modern technology and
traditional style,First Choice Blinds Venetian
Blinds are designed for a wide range of
applications and are ideally suited for
use in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals
and schools.
A reliable and cost-effective
means of controlling light and glare, their
decorative design and finish are capable
of delivering performance whilst reflecting
the needs of architectural and interior
design trends.
 Firt Choice Blinds Venetian blinds are easy
to operate by a simple magnetic slider
that allows for maximum light, shading or
complete privacy as required.
By controlling
the diffusion of natural light, blinds help
to reduce the effect of bright sunlight,
yet allow natural light and heat in, thus
improving a room’s year-round functionality
and avoiding an over-reliance on air
conditioning or artificial light.
First Choice Blinds Venetian blinds  are an ideal
solution for
windows, internal vision panels and
doors. They are easy to operate..
Classic whites and creams along with
contemporary silvers and greys all feature
in our selection of 18 shades and can
be manufactured to suit your individual
window and door requirements and to
complement your interior décor.
First Choice Blinds Venetian
blinds do not interfere with the operation
of windows or handles.
At First Choice Blinds each unique Venetian Blind is
individually crafted to meet our rigorous
quality standards and all the materials
used in the manufacture of the blinds are
specially selected for their quality, strength
and durability to enhance the appearance
and life of your blind.
For a no-obligation quotation please call
one of our representatives
Covering all of Dublin and surrounding areas
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