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Why choose interior shutter blinds

19 Dec Why choose interior shutter blinds

What are Interior Shutter Blinds

  • Interior shutter are solid window treatment usually consisting of side stiles, top and bottom rails, and movable louvers that can be closed for privacy or to reduce light.
  • A single shutter is called a panel. Individual shutter panels can be hinged together, hinge on either side of a window opening, and swing open to allow access to the window to form a shutter unit. Interior shutters from First Choice Blinds are semi-opaque window coverings that block almost all light when closed. Shutters are used control sunlight, provide privacy, and enhance aesthetic allure of a window.
  • Interior shutters are a timeless durable versatile window covering that is becoming increasingly more popular. Interior shutters enhance the decor of most windows in the house. Shutters are the best alternative to interior curtains or window blinds.
  • Indoor shutters are easy to maintain and are designed to last the lifetime of your home, unlike any other interior window treatments. Interior shutters can, and will, change the appearance and decor of any room.


Shutter Blind Styles

Interior shutters from First Choice Blinds are sold in two different styles.

  1. Plantation interior shutters are usually about 1-1/8″ thick using wide movable louvers. This style has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years.
  2. The second available shutter style is the 1-1/4″ louver Traditional and country style shutters. The traditional style is 3/4″ thick and is popular in smaller colonial style homes. Interior shutters occasionally use raised panels, fixed louvers, or vertical louvers.

Blind Coverings

  • Interior shutters are offered in many materials. The first, and most popular, is wood. Wood shutters can be built from several species of wood, including Basswood, Oak, Maple, Poplar, Cedar, Alder, and Pine to name a few. Some woods are preferable for building shutters, while others have characteristics that are undesirable. Faux wood, or poly, synthetic shutters are a step down in quality from wood shutters.
  • They are also available in PVC which is a great option for bathrooms.


Blind Finishes

  • Interior shutters are available in two finishes. Plantation shutters are the most popular. Whites and off-white colours add a crisp finish to the window. Shutters can be painted to match the existing trim colour.
  • A semi-gloss sheen is recommended because anything less looks dull and a high-gloss can give an undesired glare. Stained shutters are often used with houses with existing stained woodwork. Quality stained shutters display the wood grain and result in a rich appearance.
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  • Interior shutters can be installed inside of or to the outside of the window opening, depending on the window type. If the depth of the window opening is sufficient to allow the louvers to fully rotate, an inside mount is generally preferred. Shallow windows generally require installing shutters to the outside of the window.
  • Interior shutters are a wonderful investment to any home or business. We offer support at every turn and our shutters are strong, durable interior shutter that will last a lifetime in the house

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